Top 5 Characters for Injustice 2

“Every Battle Defines You”

The highly successful superhero fighting game sequel has a release date, May 16th, 2017. In about five months, players can battle using their favorite superheroes and super villains. However, we know very little about the game at this point besides the general info regarding character customization.

The character roster also has been mysteriously absent from any news regarding the game. From character selection screens we can see how large the roster is, yet we only have a few characters revealed. The characters we know that are confirmed are as follows:




Blue Beetle


Gorilla Grodd

Harley Quinn



Wonder Woman

There was also a shirt that has surfaced on the internet that shows various logos of other DC characters.


Among the characters featured on the shirt, the ones that stand out are Doctor Fate (bottom left corner), Captain Cold (bottom middle), Green Lantern (bottom right), and The Flash (middle).

Probably the most fun parts of these games slowly being revealed is speculating what the cast will be. Soooooooooooo, let me give you my top 5 NEW characters that have not been hinted at through any additional media, the game developers, or was in the first Injustice.

1) Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy is one my favorite villains ever, not just the Batman universe. For one, her character design is so unique and cool and I can only imagine what NetherRealm will do with her. Her red and green aesthetic with the various customization pieces could look amazing.  Her fighting style could be as fluid and flexible as Harley, but have more supernatural elements. Not to mention she could play an integral part in the story seeing as how Batman is the leader of one of the two sides. Her seductive nature is an interesting attribute to play with and intrigues me as a character. Poison Ivy will be a great addition and, if they make her right, will be one of my main characters.

2) Mera


The love interest of Aquaman will make a great addition to the roster. While this suggestion might be a stretch, it could make sense if the Injustice character roster is being based off the DC movie slate. Having another Aquaman style character can add a much needed “cool” factor for the Injustice roster. She shares many of the same powers as Aquaman, but in one variation of her, she has a red lantern power ring. Aquaman with green lantern style powers? Yes please.

3) Firestorm


Both of the Firestorms will do, but I want to focus on the Jefferson “Jax” Jackson version that is most known from The Legends of Tomorrow television show. Jax would be a great addition due to the fact that, for one, he is a minority character which gives some color to the cast. He also is a younger character, which can add a sense of humor to the cast and can bounce off characters like Blue Beetle and Cyborg. He also could be important in the story mode since his mind is that of a scientist. Plus, flames look cool in any video game.

4) Circe


Circe is a character who is popular, but not popular at the same time. Wonder Woman is one my favorite characters in the DC Universe from just simply being a badass. Circe is the same. She knows she’s powerful, beautiful, etc, and no one can stand a chance. Wonder Woman doesn’t have too many noticeable villains but Circe is one of the most notable. I feel that Injustice 2 will get rid of Zatanna, and many of her moves can be given to Circe. She also could play similar to Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat X, which we know Netherrealm likes to share similar play styles between games.

5) Robin (Damian Wayne)


I think it’s a guarantee at this point that a “Robin” will be in Injustice 2. Dick Grayson is obviously Nightwing, but there are many options left. Red Hood will most likely be in the game as Jason Todd. The debate is between Tim Drake and Damien Wayne. Damien Wayne could be more of a story element being Batman’s son and could be morally caught between both sides. Either way all Robins would play the same.

These are the top 5 NEW characters I want for Injustice 2. Let me know what characters you want to see and what you think of my suggestions on my Twitter @demarcoedmonds.


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