Winner Picks – Survivor Game Changers

Yes, I know I have a head start since there has already been three episodes of the show already aired. However, I actually predicted all three eliminations: Ciera, Tony, and Caleb.

I am a Survivor super fan so I know what to look for in a winner in relation to the theme.

The theme this time around is “Game Changers.” The theme was probably picked to encourage people to make big moves; however, it seems that the opposite is happening. Players are being more cautious and letting other essentially kill themselves. Point in case, Ciera. By essentially talking to much about who she wants to go home, she dug her own grave making her first voted out.

We all knew Tony wan’t going to win the game, it was just about how far he would get. He has too much of a history that makes tribe mates weary about working with him. Though he tried to change a little bit, past seasons’ histories will haunt players in this game.

Caleb we also knew would be a wild card, either out early or making it to the end as a goat. Caleb’s baggage was his past season’s relationship with Tai. This scared Brad Culpepper, who knew that Tai was easy to manipulate and used it to his advantage. It was stupid for Tai to get rid of Caleb. He was loyal, and there were multiple people from Brains, Brawn, and Beauty which is an advantage numbers wise.

But enough stalling, who do I think has the greatest winning potential? Let’s get right to it.

Malcolm Freberg – Survivor: Philippines & Survivor: Caramoan

Down and Dirty

This is the third time Malcolm is playing Survivor and I think he got dealt a lucky hand. Granted, this is if Malcolm doesn’t do anything stupid. Malcolm has never been on the wrong side of the numbers. In Philippines, Malcolm made it to the final four and lost the immunity challenge, making him an easy target get rid of. In Caramoan, he was stuck in a tie with Andrea, Reynold, and himself. This was due in part because Malcolm lied and said he had an idol. Through the tie vote, it was obvious that Malcolm did not have the idol, and was voted out.

With the new twist in Game Changers, if there is a tie, there is no re-vote and they go straight into deciding who should go. If there is not a consensus, then the players who were tied are safe, and everyone else will draw rocks. This saves Malcolm from repeating his mistake in Caramoan. In Philippines, he didn’t make a mistake necessarily, he was just a strong player.

In Game Changers, everyone is a threat. This creates a shield around Malcolm and allows him to hide behind bigger threats (cough, Sandra, Brad, JT, Cirie, Ozzy, etc). If Malcolm can coast through without being a threat at challenges, he will win the game.

Sarah Lucina – Survivor: Brains, Brawn, Beauty


Sarah may be in a better position than Malcolm. I have yet to see Sarah do anything strategic except think she’s running the show and get voted out.

But she has learned. She seems much more quiet this season and if she can get on the right side of the numbers, she will make it far no doubt. I’m just nervous who she will align with. We saw in the second episode that Aubry was up for being voted out because of her association with Tony. If Sarah is close with someone like, Sandra for example, they might get rid of her to weaken her stronger counterpart.

I think Sarah will slip to the end with everyone saying, “What?” She seems like the player who will put bugs in peoples’ ears to make them think they are running the show, when in reality she is. This is a great strategy for a season called Game Changers. If she plays it right, she will have less of a target on her back than Malcolm.

J.T. Thomas – Survivor: Tocantins & Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains


J.T. has the best shot of winning of the two remaining winners left. Sandra has a much bigger target on her winning two seasons, that it will be difficult for people to give her another million dollars. However, J.T. was dealt a crappy hand going to the three tribe split.

J.T. was put into the minority and was forced to look for an idol to save himself. He didn’t find it yet. So if his tribe goes to tribal council, J.T. is for sure going home. Saving him, J.T. is on a strong tribe, Nuku, closely beating out Tavua, another strong tribe. Going into the fourth episode, the two losing tribes are going to tribal council. This puts J.T. into even greater danger.

J.T. has the charm and the attitude of a non-winner to make it far. People trust J.T. and it allows him to have the information to make great decisions. He is loyal, which will win him jury votes. I think more than anyone in Survivor history, J.T. knows how to woo a jury. He’s smooth, honest, a country boy, humble, etc. He is the making of a “good guy” in the evil world of Survivor.

Let me know who you think will win Survivor: Game Changers!


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