Photography: A Growing Art

Photography has been a growing art that once started as a hobby. Today, one can see the average person with a camera trying to capture the perfect moment.

The learning curve for photography is steep. Learning about exposure, shutter speed, and aperture can be daunting for newcomers. However, there are photographers all around, willing to be a listening ear and guiding force into the world of photography.

De Lisa Patterson is a self-described “multi-passionate person”. Her interests include graphic design, branding and marketing, coaching, speaking, and education. However, her main focus is being a photographer with De lisa Carol, LLC, specializing on fashion and beauty photography.

De Lisa Carol
Photographer De Lisa Patterson

Justin Robinson is the creator of JSR Photography. Robinson focuses on capturing moments. “ I enjoy capturing people and creating stories. I can also find moments in nature as well even though I don’t shoot just nature by itself.”

Getting started in photography often leaves many puzzled. Patterson gave some advice on how she got started. “I am a self-taught photographer. I did take a course while studying graphic design in undergrad but I never really learned anything there. I knew I had some talent when even in the most basic photo people would say they love my photos. I was never judged for learning, just was not taken seriously until I made some money.” Patterson now brings in clients willing to pay $1000 to $3000.

Robinson also had a natural talent for photography. “I started in photography by taking images of myself in different interesting ways. This caught the attention of people and they asked for me to take their pictures. It has been a natural talent, but I have made sure to get skilled at it.”

Patterson states that having an interest in photography, at least in the beginning, was very difficult. “The first two years of photography was hard because I was begging people to allow me to photograph them, now I have to say no to clients.”

Robinson also expressed his difficulty with the business. “It has been difficult at times because I have to balance being an artist with being a businessman. I do photography full time and I was a public school teacher for years as well.”

JSR Photography.jpg
Logo for Justin Robinson Photography

Both photographers leave students interested in the art with some final advice.

“Anything you don’t like in photography, hire someone to do it,” Patterson states. “If you don’t like editing, there are editors. If you don’t like handling money, hire a business partner. But most important, invest in a business coach who can help you move forward in your business. If you are a beginner photographer, find groups like BGWAC and build a network of photographers who can support you and guide you.”

Brown Girl With A Camera, or BGWAC, is a photography and lifestyle brand geared toward women of color photographers. Another organization designed for African American photographers is The Exposure Group.

Robinson states that students should have a reason for shooting pictures. “That reason will be your starting point to what to study, who to reach out to, who to shoot, how to shoot, and where to shoot. Many people skip this step. A gift needs plan to grow. Secrets of the business are creating great content, connecting yourself with people of high quality, and not waiting on someone to take you to the next level.”

De Lisa Patterson’s work can be found on her website,

Instagram, @jsrphotography, is where you can find the majority of Justin Robinson’s work. He also has a website,


**Stay tuned for my personal photography portfolio including people stories



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