About Me


DeMarco Edmonds is a student currently pursuing a degree in communications concentrating in public relations. He chose this major due to his love for writing and telling authentic stories through text and voice. His love for creativity and expression was not always his passion however. Throughout his childhood, his creativity had always been stifled, due to bullying and parental advice, in favor of a more traditional, stable career of medicine or business.

In college, DeMarco told himself that his voice will never be silenced again, which led to his interest in people, their unique backgrounds, and their stories. In his spare time, he began to write short fiction stories to explore the imaginative parts of his brain. These stories included a re-imagining of the story of Jesus and a disadvantaged family of three, a sister and her two little brothers. What began as a hobby became an escape that helped to flourish his creativity.

DeMarco has many interests that include various types of exercise such as swimming, hiking, and dancing. When not breaking a sweat, he enjoys shopping and exploring new places. Traveling has always been a hobby for him, while not always being the most financially responsible thing to do. When given the opportunity to travel to Europe, he visited Rome, Florence, Paris, and London where he obtained a new perspective on the world. When at home, you can find him watching reality television and eating buffalo wings.


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