2016 Wrap Up

It wasn’t that bad Today is December 29th, 2016, which means if you have something to tell me before the new year, now is your chance. To be honest, the year wasn’t that bad to me. Yes, there were the usual ups and downs with many notable celebrities passing away, but taking everything for what […]

Life Update (12/20/2016)

I WASHED DISHES FOR THE FIRST TIME What a first world problem. But seriously, this is a moment that should be commemorated. I’ve never had to wash dishes due to the fact that my parents want things a certain way all of the time. So by me doing the dishes, it would mean that the […]

Moonlight: Movie Review

This movie will illuminate your perspective. It’s rare that I cannot pinpoint a specific instance in a movie that I did not like. Maybe all of the good that this movie does outshines the flaws, or maybe, just maybe, it had no flaws. Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins, is a coming-of-age film about a black […]

Relationships? Nah.

I don’t need a relationship. This is a piggyback of my previous post that I know tickled your heart that was called “Why I’m Single?” That topic and this topic could be put into the same post but…nah. Today, we’re going to talk about why I feel that I will never be in a relationship […]

Why I’m Single.

I hate to admit it but . . . I get bored easily. It sucks to admit it but it’s going to be really difficult to find someone who can put up with me and keep me interested. Firstly, it’s important to know some of how I grew up because it correlates to me in […]

Junior Year of College

I feel like a freshman again That’s a negative and positive statement that I hope changes soon. I recently started my third year at George Mason University and things feel a lot more foreign than before. I literally forgot where buildings are located, how early I need to leave for class to arrive exactly 10 […]